About The Artist


Hello and Thank you so much for visiting my website. My name is Stephani Analah. I was born in Escondido California many years ago. I moved to Wisconsin at an early age but still kept the fire of the hippie culture in my bones. A fish out of water, I always have felt different. My friends can testify to my strangeness.

My artist journey began when I was just a child. I knew at the age of 3 or 4 that I wanted to be an artist. But every child says that don't they? I was serious. Throughout the years however, I lost touch with my purpose and faded away from my artistic dreams and fell into a deep depression. It wasn't until I found myself free of a violent relationship that I decided to pursue my dreams. I had reached rock bottom and nothing mattered to me anymore. But I had my art. I had my dream. That was all I had left. So i picked up my brush, and dove into my art with every fiber of my being. I turned my pain into beauty. I was determined to make my suffering have a beautiful purpose. Everything you see on this website is from the decision I made after experiencing suffering to spread love and not hate. To believe in freedom and not imprisonment.

I see the world differently, and it is my gift to you. Please Enjoy and be sure to follow me on instagram at stephanianalah.