This website is dedicated to the artworks of Stephani Analah. All products are created in either the U.S or Canada, sweatshop free. Currently Only Ship to USA or Canada. 





  I was born in Escondido California on Dec 19th, 1989. From the age of four, I have wanted to be an artist. I had my own store at four years old and I would charge my mother a quarter for the "OK" pieces and 50 cents for the really good ones.That was the planting of the seed from whence my desire would blossom. I was always naturally gifted in the arts from a young age. However, I didn't start painting with oils until 2012 when I created my first painting, Genesis. I was listening to a Mozart piece and painted exactly what I felt the piece would look like. I've loved music as well, and art and music have always been my therapy.
My use of color is one of the aspects that separates my work from other art pieces. I'm very stubborn by nature and it shows as I refused to change my style. I never attended art college but had the basics taught to me by my elementary, middle school and high school teachers whom I am indefinitely indebted to. I have had an inner pull to always walk my own path, which is why I opted out of going to college. Besides the expense, I felt it would be restricting.
One of my goals is to have a painting imbue a sense of joy when the viewer looks at it. I know that colors can change moods so I incorporate the colors in a balance that when the viewer looks at it, they feel happy. I have had wonderful responses thus far. My favorite part of my work is when I look back at my finished piece and I smile. In my mind, if I don't smile than it isn't finished. The other, more subconscious goal is to bring my inner visions to life in a form that is tangible. My more elaborate pieces are messages from a higher plane that wish to descend upon this planet in as many ways as possible. Many have stated that my paintings remind them of home. 
The name of my business, Starchild's Designs is two fold. It came from a nickname a good friend gave me a while ago. One night he must of seen me staring at the stars during a bonfire, as I often did and the name stuck. I enjoyed the nickname and now I find it amusing that I have incorporated it into my business. The other meaning is the "S" is a treble clef that is mirrored, and the "D" in Designs is a bass clef. Without music, my art would be only acceptable. Art gravitates towards music as much as the earth is pulled towards the sun. They are not the same without the other.