All Over Print Visionary Art Sweater (Reunion) Fibonacci spiral sweater

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All Over Print Visionary Art Sweater (Reunion) Manufactured  by

Printed on both sides.

Wear this Visionary Art sweater as a reminder of the nature of creation. The woman represents mother earth who is embraced by her partner, father sky. The two have a romantic love affair which effects all of creation. The Fibonacci spiral within the seashell and the milky way galaxy remind us that as above, so below. 

Hoodies / Hooded Sweatshirts XS S M L XL
Overall Length 27.5 27.9 28.4 28.7 29
Width 20.5 21.2 22 22.7 23.5
Sleeve Length 24 24.4 24.8 24.2 24.6

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