Wholesale Seasonal Natural Organic Handmade Soap - Minimum Order of 6 -ORDER AUG. 1st - DEC. 15th ONLY.

Sweet Harvest Farms Seasonal Organic Handmade Soap Minimum Order:
6 bars per scent @ $7.00 a bar MSRP $12.00-$14.00

Frankincense Minimum Order: 6 bars @ $7.50 a bar
MSRP $14-$16

Each bar will last 4 weeks or more in the shower! These don’t melt away like your beauty bars! All soap is a very large, hand cut bar/hand wrapped 7 - 8 oz. or more bar. These should sell anywhere from $10.00 to $14.00 retail, depending on location.

NOTE: True soap needs to cure for at least 4 weeks before use so it is always good to order in plenty of time. Having said that, there will always be a cure date labeled on the back for your customers and many of the soaps are already cured for immediate use. Most don’t mind waiting for the soap to cure as it is aromatic for their bathroom, closet, or bedroom while they wait for the cure date. True soap should never be kept wrapped in non-porous material. Soap needs air to continue to cure.

HOLIDAY SOAPS ARE AVAILABLE TO ORDER AUG. 1ST - DEC. 5TH ONLY If these aromas do well in your area you may order year round. Please contact me for info.
First shipment goes out Sept. 1st (unless prior arrangements/orders have been made)

(When ordering your scent, cart will automatically calculate your 6 as required for minimum.)

Collections: Handmade Soaps

Type: Wholesale Only

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